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WebApp to help neighbors share items between them

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The idea:

Do you have a drill or screwdriver at home? When was the last time you used it? You may use the drill once a year, and then it will be untouched for many years. The idea of our project is to make use of these equipment by making them available to be rented in your neighborhood. We will design a web application similar to


To design and implement a PASS IT web application that provides lending services of household items to the neighbourhood.

Major Classes:

Use Cases:

Borrower/Searcher role

If a Borrower wants a drill, he/she has to signin the website. After signing in, he/she can search the item that wanted to be rent/borrow in 10m or so of the neighborhood a list of available items shows on the map with more details about that item and who owns it the user choose one from Jack who lives across the street and fill in how many days and name the price. An email is received if the offer is accepted. If the payment method is paypal, the borrower pays and transaction is completed.

Product Owner Role

The PO supposed to register first and choose post a product and enter the product details. An email is received if an offer is made. Owner can accept or reject the offer or even make that order as a gift for 1st time. When owner accepts an offer, and chooses payment method as PayPal, payment is sent to owner.

The Additional Features:

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